What Are the Strategies to Get More Instagram Followers?

People want popularity whether in real or in the online environment. In the advent of modern technology and advance communication facilities, many people have turned to social media as a means to socialize with friends, acquaintances, relatives and other people all over the world. Getting More Followers Instagram is a very popular social network with thousands of users for different purposes. Here are the steps on how to get more instagram followers:

  • Like as many pictures as you can

Friends who have not followed you yet may begin following you after liking their photos. You can also search for the most popular images that you can follow in the explore page of Instagram. These accounts are most likely to have many followers who might eventually follow you.

  • Put comments about photos posted by other people on Instagram

The remarks should be brief and personal. This gesture opens the connection to other users, which will entice them to follow you.

  • Create a regular schedule for posting on Instagram

In this way, your followers will know when to expect new uploads and updates from you.They can also stop following you if you fail to update your account consistently. The ideal number of photos should be about one to ten per day. Post just one photo at a time to prevent flooding the news feeds of your followers. The recommended schedule for posting on Instagram is in the morning and evening. These are the times when more people are on social networks. Surveys show that Instagram’s peak time is from five to six in the evening during Wednesdays. There are also applications that can check the peak hours when your followers are accessing Instagram.

  • Use hash tags

Use hash tags to make it more searchable not only to your friends, but to others who are prospective followers. When your photo catches the attention of someone who shares the same interest, he or she will possibly follow you. It will help a lot to check the trending hash tags because it will increase the visibility of the uploaded image to many people. You can visit Instagram Tags, a website where you can view the list of popular tags. In addition, there are applications such as TagsForLikes, which can provide you a list of about 20-30 trending tags during the day. You can also create your own hash tag and make it popular by posting cool and relevant pictures. When other people start using your hash tag, you are likely to get more followers. Furthermore, post artistic and high quality pictures. Provide captions and brief personal descriptions of the images. Take advantage of the natural light during sunrise and sunset when shooting photos. Experiment with various angles and use your creativity to take shots. You can also download powerful editing and photo collage tools to enhance and create your own designs. You can include the place where the photos were taken because it will invite other users who have visited or simply intrigued by the place. Their curiosity with the location can be a reason to follow you. Make sure it is informative and useful to gain more followers. Another way to draw the interest of other users is to pose a simple question or a call to action statement.

  • Create shout-outs by citing another user in your post and increasing her chance of getting more followers through you.

In return, he or she can do the same for you. If you are lucky to attract the attention of well-known personalities or people with lots of followers, they can give you shout-outs that will instantly multiply the number of your followers. If possible, dare to ask another person with similar pursuits and with thousands of followers to follow you.

  • Select a theme with corresponding username and profile picture for your Instagram account.

One of the effective ways on how to get more instagram followers is to create an account that can convey your area of interest. Nevertheless, if you cannot think of one, you can opt to post fascinating and appealing images.

  • Link other social media accounts with your Instagram

Connect your accounts in social network with Instagram. Whatever you post in Instagram is visible on other social media accounts. Therefore, it will increase your online presence and the possibility to gain more followers. Getting Service Providers to Gain More Followers More businesses are now employing online services of reputable providers that can generate thousands of followers on their Instagram accounts within a short period of time. They guarantee to increase your followers without effort on your part, as they will automatically do the task with their online tools. You can do a research on these companies to determine if it suits your purpose and requirements. It is undeniable that Instagram exerts influence on many people’s lives. You can get the needed motivation, entertainment and creativity in this social media platform. How to get followers on instagram needs patience and effort. It does not happen overnight. You have to dedicate some time to increase your followers and build your status.



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